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The Steelers traded Antonio Brown White Wesley Walker Jerseys , and they lost Le'Veon Bell in free agency. Neither divorce was amicable.Whether the Steelers are “better off” is yet to be determined, but at least one fact is undeniable: The two playmakers contributed a combined 2,409 touches for 19,322 yards and 116 touchdowns in their years in Pittsburgh.“I think it has been highly chronicled, and I think it has been too chronicled,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Monday Wesley Walker Jerseys 2019 , via Mark Kaboly of TheAthletic.com. “Some things have been said that may or may not have been true. All I know is neither one of those guys are members of our team anymore.“Relationships run their course, and the fact that neither one of them are here speaks to that.”Tomlin said “there’s too much talk” about the players’ departures but understands winning football games is the only way to end that.On March 10, the Steelers agreed to send Brown to the Raiders for third- and fifth-round picks. That seems hardly enough for one of the best players in football as the Pro Bowl receiver contributed 11,207 receiving yards and 74 touchdowns in his nine seasons in Pittsburgh.But all good things must end, and after last season, Brown was ready for a new employer White Dennis Byrd Jerseys , and the Steelers were ready to be rid of the drama.“We can’t do this with hostages, man. We need volunteers,” Tomlin said. “We need good players, good guys who want to be here and if guys can’t check those boxes, it’s probably best for all parties involved to go our separate ways.” Brown complained often and loudly in the offseason about a lack of respect from the Steelers. Tomlin was asked about the belief that he treated Brown differently, which led to at least part of the fissure. “I don’t know in what ways you are referring Dennis Byrd Jerseys 2019 , but certainly I treat people fairly,” Tomlin said. “I don’t aspire to treat everybody exactly the same. That’s just the reality of how I function.” This week the Jets will face the Minnesota Vikings, led by head coach Mike Zimmer. Zimmer’s play calling frequently reaps the benefits of blitzes without actually blitzing. Sometimes simulated pressure is as good as or even better than the real thing.Let’s take a look at a third down play from Minnesota’s game last week against Arizona to demonstrate.On this play, the Vikings have two linebackers (orange) showing blitz presnap in addition to three defensive linemen. We can guess the three defensive linemen are going to rush the passer. Now with the two linebackers showing blitz, it looks like the Vikings will have five pass rushers. As a response, the Cardinals set their protection to slide four of their offensive linemen left (from their vantage point; the four linemen are sliding to the Vikings’ right White Mark Gastineau Jerseys , which is the vantage point in the picture). These four offensive linemen are sliding in the direction of the two linebackers (and two of the defensive linemen).It is the perfect protection for the blitz the Vikings show.There’s only one problem. The Vikings aren’t blitzing those linebackers. Those two linebackers actually drop into coverage at the snap.Furthermore, cornerback Mackensie Alexander is rushing the passer, and he is coming from the area of the field the line is sliding away from.One of the benefits of blitzing comes from simply tying up blockers. If you blitz six guys against five blockers, somebody is going to run free at the quarterback since no offensive lineman can block two guys at once. This defensive call actually ties up blockers without blitzing. Two Cardinals offensive linemen aren’t blocking anybody. They are occupied, however, because the presnap look forced them to pay attention to the linebackers who initially showed blitz. As a result Mark Gastineau Jerseys 2019 , Alexander has a huge lane to run through.The defense ends up with the best of both worlds. Blockers are occupied as though there is a blitz. Yet the risk is lower than your typical blitz since dropping the linebackers has added extra bodies in coverage.It also creates an additional layer of complexity for the quarterback. He now has to figure out the presnap look he got from the defense was fake and notice those linebackers are in coverage instead of coming after him.Bringing the linebackers close to the line of scrimmage to threaten blitz and then dropping them is a Zimmer staple. The offense can’t just assume they will retreat at the snap. The Vikings have them blitz at times to keep the opponent honest.It makes this scheme tricky to go up against.
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