Sport Massage

Sports massage has one primary goal - to accelerate the recovery of muscles from physical effort. One of the more aggressive massages, therefore in most cases it is recommended to athletes.

Deep deep movements that relax muscles, reduce spasms and myogloboses are distinguished.

This massage prepares the body for sports activity. If it has been preceded by sports activity, this massage will help relieve tension or cramps in the muscles or stiffness of the joints

It does so by reducing the muscle tone, which naturally increases within the training, and the improvement of circulation, especially the capillary. Unlike conventional thinking, this technique does not necessarily have to be extremely intense, but the focus is on the individual needs of athletes on which the massage is applied. As muscle exercises occur during exercises in the muscles, which give rise to inflammation and pain, sports massage is the best way to accelerate muscle recovery. Sports massage after the activity contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body, and its effect of relaxing muscles and reducing the amount of lactic acid in the body, contributes to a faster recovery after sports activity. This technique can be used in a common or systematic way, which means regularly or several times a week after the training itself, or sporadically, when an athlete senses need.
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