A Way to Crack the IPCC Struggle!

A lot of CA IPCC students ask me that how to complete CA IPCC exams in just one month or sometimes even 20 days.” It is not possible to complete CA IPCC exam preparation in just a month or 20 days. Recent interview with ICAI President he said the exams are just going to get tougher in the coming years which obviously means the students have to work harder. It isn’t tough to crack the exam with the right amount of conceptual knowledge and effective preparations.
A student needs to obviously prepare thoroughly for the exam well in advance and needs to devote at least 2 hours of their day daily that is including the articled training. During the study leave at least a work of 14-16 hours of hard work is required.
Try and avoid the usage of mobiles, internet and television as far as possible. The students must study from the study materials and practice from the practice manuals. If a particular topic or point is not clear, a student can always refer to the student handbook.

Student must refer to the suggested answers of ipcc question papers set for the previous years. It is strongly recommended for the students to solve the ipcc test series without referring to the answers first and compare their answers with the solutions given. This approach will help you in knowing your mistake and also let you know the pattern of mistake and presentation. In case of law papers, the section and it’s provisions are to be mentioned correctly, if you are unsure about the same do not quote it.

Accountancy isn’t as easy as it seems. If you are not clear about the concepts, you are in for a tough time. Aim to get the maximum marks in Accountancy, because as you know well begun is half done. If you write the first paper well, it will make you feel better mentally and get you pumped up for the next papers.

You need to practise as many sums as you can. If that isn’t possible try to practise atleast 3 sums of each type. DO NOT just read it, you won’t remember anything!
You should start with the Accounting Standards as they amount to 25-30 marks in the paper. They are easy if you read them a couple of times. Try to earn maximum marks from this chapter.

The next you can opt for Cash Flow/Fund Flow. Either of these might end up asking 95% times.
The next is the smaller and easier chapter like the self balancing ledger, PPI, Average Due Date and Current Account. These chapters together amount to around 30-35 marks that do not have much varieties. So do it well and nail it!

A little tougher chapters that come next are the NPO, Single Entry. You might have already done these chapters in your previous years, they can have ‘n’ number of varieties, hence you will be able to solve half of these sums and then get stuck in some of the tricky adjustments.

If you wish to get better that accountancy the only way you can do it is by solving ipcc question papers that will not only boast your confidence but it will also help you understand how a model answer paper must look like.
Solve numerous ipcc test series and be the champion in your required field.
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