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The Los Angeles Rams were simply too much for the San Francisco 49ers.From the opening kickoff to the final whistle https://www.ramsfanstore.com/Sam-Shields-Jersey , the Rams absolutely dominated things in all three phases. Were it not for some early mistakes from the Rams that they committed all on their own, the blowout would have been in full force early on. Instead, it took a few possessions for the Rams to iron out the wrinkles and for the game to truly show the distance between these two teams.And give the Rams credit. No Brandin Cooks Color Rush Jersey , the Niners aren’t a highly talented team, and yes they’ve suffered a bunch of high-impact injuries. But doesn’t matter. It’s the Rams-49ers. Getting a win like this on the back of the offensive line, RB Todd Gurley and DL Aaron Donald with great performances all around the defense with the takeaways they got today is something the Rams should hang their hats on as they come home to LA to take on the Green Bay Packers next Sunday.For today though Brandon Allen Jersey , this contest was about two teams on opposite sides of the fence.And two teams that played like it. It was inevitable that the discussion about the playing surface at Azteca Stadium for next Monday’s game between the Chiefs and the Rams would eventually move to the players who will be on the field and we reached that step on Tuesday afternoon.No names have been attached to the feelings, but Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that players from both teams are “seriously considering” not playing on a field that has been described as a mess.聽One player is quoted as saying that “it鈥檚 not fair to risk our health” by playing on a field that is in poor condition.The safety of the players should be of paramount concern to the league under any circumstances and the prospect of seeing a top player injured because of a bad field is one that has to worry everyone making the call about what will happen with the game. As Mike Florio laid out earlier on Tuesday, however Ramik Wilson Color Rush Jersey , player safety isn’t the only factor at play for the league as they consider their options.New sod is being put down in the stadium and the league’s decision is expected to come on Tuesday.
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