Chen Ming and I are good friends.

Chen Ming and I are good friends. One day, we took out the small wooden boat in the hand-made group and Chen Ming accidentally broke my broken. In the dispute, Chen Ming broke it again. I was very angry. I took a small wooden boat that won him.. waved my hand, his small wooden boat was dropped on the ground by me, his expression suddenly changed, and my small wooden boat was completely unrecognizable. Then we who ignore no one, cut off friendship. I got home, I thought about the scene that happened today, I was angry, but I thought about it calmly. I did not do it right. Chen Ming just accidentally broke, and I... was deliberate. When I think of it, there is a deep apology that flows into my heart.e next day. I met Chen Ming on my way to school, and I felt a little shy on my face. I want to rush away. Unexpectedly, Chen Ming was next to Mr. Wang Cigarette Wholesalers. Teacher Wang saw me, smiled and pulled me to Chen Ming. He said to us: "Why didn't you have two "gold perfect match" together?" Falling, Chen Ming and I both shyly bowed their heads. "Is there any contradiction? Come! Hold your hand, or a good friend!" I was hesitating, but Chen Ming extended my left hand and said: "Sorry, I should not be so impulsive, we, still Be a good friend, okay??"also extended my hand and said, "I am wrong, not your fault... Well, let's make two small wooden boats together!her Wang also smiled and said that we really deserve to be "golden perfect match". this way, Chen Ming became my best partner, and her name has been deeply buried in my heart. you all know, our natural environment is getting worse and worse, and the resources people use are decreasing year by year. I hope that we can start from our own point of view, because everyone is responsible for protecting the me give you an example. The pomegranate river, which is not far from my home, is still crystal clear when my father is young. There are many small fish and shrimps. In the summer, they always go to the water to play and fight. But the pomegranate river we have seen so far is not the kind of scenery in the past. It has become a sewage river where fish and shrimp have disappeared. It is full of rubbish and stinks.erefore, I solemnly give you a few suggestions: Do not throw rubbish into the river or on the street, and must be placed in the trash can;nd, after washing your hands, be sure to tighten the faucet to avoid water leakage; no electricity is turned off the power Buy Newport Cigarettes Online, so as not to waste electricity;When writing Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, there must be no act of tearing off the entire piece of paper when a few words are written incorrectly;not spit or make noise; disposable products as much as possible and use durable goods Cheap Cigarette Cartons. No plastic bags are used to reduce white pollution;th Marlboro Cigarettes Website, we must plant trees and forests, love trees, do not slash and cut, and reduce sandstorms.a new-born primary school student, I advocate students to raise their awareness of environmental protection. At the same time, we also recommend that uncles and aunts join our team to contribute to protecting the natural environment and contributing to future generations. Because it protects the environment, it is urgent! us protect and refine the natural environment. Otherwise, the last drop of human water will become a tear of remorse!
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