A Christmas is snowing and the

A Christmas is snowing and the weather is terrible. A little girl in a golden color was selling a match on the street, but no one sold it, no one gave the little girl a copper plate, and the slippers on her feet were taken away by a little boy as a soccer ball. One was taken away by a small flower dog. Several ladies walked by her side. They led several children to walk over Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. She looked at the happy back of the family, remembered the mother who was sick in bed, and went. The lost grandmother, thinking of the little girl here can not help but shed tears of sadness ... I saw this, my heart is very sad, so I took cotton jackets, food, cotton shoes. Ready, I took the time machine back to that era. When I got there, I was facing a little girl. I gave her a cotton jacket, food, and cotton shoes to help the little girl cure her mother's disease. Yeah, time is up, I should go home, goodbye, "Goodbye," I returned to modern times in a flash. A third-grade elementary school Enrico��s notes in a school year constitute the main content of this work, interspersed with a beautiful and true ��monthly story�� that the teacher tells the students every month Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, a world of primary school students. Lively presented to us. Through an ordinary and subtle thing, the author succinctly describes the feelings of teachers and students, the love of father and son, the friendship of friends, the goodness and purity of human nature, the spirit of loving the motherland and loving society, because it is full of The broad human spirit and the warmth of human nature make me feel the sublime in the ordinary Newports 100S. After reading the complete book, my excitement has been difficult to calm down for a long time. As a writer who closely links his literary stories with real life, the author Amicis did not pay attention to the fact that after the realization of national unity in Italy in 1807, the situation of the people did not improve. The ideal of building a civilized modern democratic society has yet to be realized. However, he believes that with the help of school education, with the spirit of understanding and understanding, we can make changes. He attaches great importance to school education, because the school shoulders the mission of cultivating a new generation of members of society, which is the social background and ideological source of Amicis's great efforts in the education of love. "Education of Love" reflects Amycius's vision of social reality and interpersonal relationships Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, reflecting his ideological and moral orientation. I believe that "Education of Love" is full of the spirit of fraternity, melting socialist thoughts and fraternity into a furnace to seek the emotional and social equality of members of society. This perfectionist spirit, the fraternal spirit of the philanthropic spirit and the profound meaning of this kind of work that runs through the line of Amicis Newport 100S Price, makes this book transcend time and space, gain universal and eternal value, and become a profitable one. This is a rare work, this is my sense of reading.
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