Whenever I open the photo album and s

Whenever I open the photo album and see the photos left in Guangzhou, I will not remember the trip to Guangzhou.remember that day, my mother took me to Guangzhou, and I was carrying a big bag of snacks. We sat in the car and watched TV while eating snacks. After going through the farmland and the woods... After nine hours, we finally arrived. Stand up. We slept for one night at Huaming Hotel Marlboro Cigarettes, and on the second day, we took the subway to Xiaogang Park Newport Cigarettes Price.ey!" I didn't expect it. There is an amusement park in Xiaogang Park. There are all kinds of games in it Marlboro Menthol 100S. There are pirate ships, fishing boats, roller coasters... dazzling. Seeing this, I can't wait to say to my mother: "Mom, let's go play too!" "Good!" Mom said with a smile Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I am happy to go three feet high, then I will rush forward like a sword.e first played the pirate ship. The pirate ship was unusually high. It started like a sea, and it was fun to play. However, it must be a thrilling ride. It must be a roller coaster Newport Cigarettes. After it was launched, it was carried out in a scream. The car arrived at the station but it was still unsatisfactory. really interesting to think about it now, not only expanding my horizons, but also increasing my knowledge.e morning, my ��getting out of bed�� had a big morning and I had finished my homework with a good mood. It is already noon. I went with my mother and my sister to choose a gift for Zhang came to the boutique, the dazzling array of products made us dazzled, and my sister and I were very excited. We picked up this for a while, and we picked it up in a while, and our exaggerated screams continued to come out of the boutique. After our election, we have created three pieces of the best for our hearts. Looking at these three gifts, I am really distressed. Which one is better? After my discussion with my sister, two gifts were finally settled. sunset kisses the mountain. My sister and I came to Zhang Shuyi��s house with a beloved gift. We had dinner together, and Zhang Shuyi��s father and mother went out and gave us the night time. We were so happy that we couldn't wait to rush into Zhang Shuyi's room, and Zhang Shuyi announced the game of guessing the name of the song. The beautiful and melodious songs flow through our hearts like a silky silk, and the cool springs moisturize our hearts. Wu Siwei first responded and quickly raised his hand. Zhang Shuyi was so busy that Wu Siwei answered, Wu Siwei answered correctly! There are many questions that are answered by Wu Siwei. Even Zhou Jiahong said that Wu Siwei is a child prodigy. I also gave one hand, but unfortunately I got it wrong.moon rises to the top of the tree, and it will be elegantly showered to the earth. Everyone proposes to go downstairs to play. I looked at the time, nine o'clock. Cinderella is leaving the ball at twelve, and I should say goodbye to this wonderful night.ster and I were on our way home, excitedly talking about the scene just now. This night is deeply reflected in my heart, I wish friends who are still playing have a good time!
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