Since I was in the sixth grade, I

Since I was in the sixth grade, I like to read books and read books. Now I know that reading is also very interesting. One day, the teacher taught us to say: These questions, you will not, do not go to read more books, those books donated by people from Shenzhen, you do not go to see, but play here, those books are used to look at What? We all said in unison: We still don't know if we can borrow from the library administrator, we also want to see it. After that, the teacher knows the situation and asks the squad leader to borrow some books from him and borrow seven books. Two of them are stories. Three of them are about language. Two of them are about mathematics. We are all vying to see, but there are A small number of people are not good at learning. If they look at their eyes, they will be thrown away, and we all look seriously. I looked at the seven books and saw the "Learning Lei Feng Story". I picked it up. I watched it for two days before reading it. There were several touching places. I also know why Lei Feng. Uncle will make Chairman Mao very respectful. After reading this book, I understand it too. I have to learn from the unyielding spirit of Uncle Lei Fengdually, I like to read books. I want to read more books, learn more knowledge, complete the desire of Uncle Lei Feng, and become the pillar of the motherland! I was naughty and childish in my childhood, and I have done many interesting stupid things. What made me most memorable was the one that happened when I was six I was young, one night, my grandmother was not at home. I wanted to eat rice balls. My mother took out the dumplings bought from the supermarket from the refrigerator. It was sesame stuffing, oh! There are also peanut fillings. The outside of the dumplings is white, a little sticky, and the surface is slippery. You can't be bitten by the freshly cooked dumplings to the tongue. The filling in the dumplings is dark. A little bit of it flowed out, sweet, it seems to be a bit of a grain. Anyway, the dumplings are delicious Cigarettes Online, my mother is cooking a small dumpling, I am watching. My mother told me that it is necessary to stir the dumplings from time to time, so that the dumplings won't be pasted, so they won't stick together. Said that the mother took two chopsticks and stirred it in the pot. Suddenly someone shouted something outside our house. My mother heard the sound and went out. Before I left, let me help me to look at the pot. Don��t let the pot go Marlboro Red 100S. I��m ��oh��, pick up the chopsticks, learn how my mother looks, Stir in the pot from time to time Online Cigarettes. After a while, I left the gods, and the chopsticks in my hands couldn��t help but stop. After a few minutes, my eyes floated and floated, floating in the pot, and I was only able to return to the pot, fearing that the soup was gone. I picked up the chopsticks and quickly stirred it up. The soup in the pot was spilled out. Fortunately, I hid it in time, didn��t spill it on me, spilled it on the ground, I was far away from the pot, I was afraid that the water would splash on me. On the body, I straightened my legs and bent my body. I held my long chopsticks in my pot and stirred it. Suddenly I thought that every time I was eager to eat rice balls, the stuffing inside the rice balls would burn my tongue, I Why don't you pour the dumplings into the dumplings and let the stuffing in the dumplings cool down? So I pierced the dumplings one by one, the white soup was blackened by the dumplings, and the dumplings only had the dumplings, and the mother came back Wholesale Cigarettes. I told my mother my innocent thoughts and bold behavior. My mother looked at my innocent smile, and the innocent dumplings in the pot, and the soup that was let black, I couldn��t laugh. My mother said to me; "I don't dare to eat this kind of mutated dumplings, you can eat it yourself." I still wonder why the delicious dumpling mother does not eat Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Suddenly, another new problem appeared. The dumplings were cold, so how do I fit in?
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