The effect of a good musical instrument

Classical music, about musical instruments on the three elements: in rhythm, classical music is basically straight, and rubbing and moving times are basically all changes, this is the shortest board; in melody, basically in natural size Tones are dominant; The fixed three chords are dominant. Let's compare the jazz of the soul of modern music: the rhythm is ever-changing, the various cuts, the rhythm of various accented beats, many changes can not even be accurately recorded with the notation, only Various melody Modal scales and non-adjusted scales, the degree of freedom is extremely high; harmony, with a variety of seven chords, plus a variety of alternative chords and chord extensions, the color is ever-changing. Every point from This basic three elements is more complicated and richer than the so-called traditional elegant music.

If you want to buy an instrument, glarry will be a good choice. Come:
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